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A swagger of sorts emerges on Jack Frohlich’s “Déjà vu!”.

Jack Frohlich - Deja Vu!

A swagger of sorts emerges on Jack Frohlich’s “Déjà vu!”. There is an early aughts indie rock ethos to it. With the right degree of looseness behind the whole of the experience they hold nothing back. Riffs here have a cinematic quality behind them for they ring on out into the infinite. His lyrics are the true heart of the matter. Cyclical in nature it works perfectly nicely playing off the theme of the track itself. Stylistically there are pieces of lo-fi, twee pop, and psychedelic rock that rush to the forefront. Brevity is the soul of wit and Jack proves it by keeping things concise to the absolute essentials.

The song starts out strong and never lets up. Within the groove there is a careful, delicate position to it all one that feels so soothing to fully behold. Every detail matters for he pours his soul into the piece. Repetition serves as a true constant in life, and the way that Jack dissects that experience adds to the allure. Just a little bit of mystery is thrown in, for that is partially what Déjà vu explores – how did this happen before? We question ourselves quite a bit especially guarding the commonplace experiences. By all means a universal feeling that can only be described by this small saying, the song elaborates and builds upon this first kernel of truth. Quite beguiling, there is an understated brilliance to the message.

“Déjà vu!” features the impeccable chops and tender vocals of Jack Frohlich.



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