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A tender pop ballad, Christian Powers strips things down to the essentials.

Christian Powers - 2000 Miles

A tender pop ballad, Christian Powers strips things down to the essentials on the futuristic R&B bliss of “2000 Miles”. The nimbleness of the track emerges from its minimal nature. Little pieces of percussion skitter about above the rest of the work ensuring that there is an intricate beauty to the way that they let everything expand out into the seemingly infinite. His voice is full of love for he possesses quite a multitude of different approaches, from yearning to a sense of happiness within the whole of the piece. Nods to groups like the Weeknd are unavoidable, for he engages in a similar mining of 80s pop mixed with more contemporary elements.

Right from the beginning the mood is set. Everything takes its sweet time in a way that adds to the dignity of the work. By letting it seemingly spread out into the infinite the song gains a geographic quality one where the many layers intermingle to create something truly touching. The melodies waft on through for they have a genteel stately nature to them, one that helps to tie the whole thing together. Verses are crafted with care ensuring that every single moment matters, for he dilates time in a way that has a rather psychedelic spirit behind it, one that feels ever so natural. For the final stretch the song transforms into an organic, living, breathing song.

“2000 Miles” has a hypnotic entrancement to the entirety of its vast wonderful world, proving Christian Powers to be quite a poetic storyteller.



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