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A tropical pop spirit informs KrizRok’s spirited “Welcome to My Show”.

KrizRok - Welcome to My Show

A tropical pop spirit informs KrizRok’s spirited “Welcome to My Show”. Throughout the whole song there is a poppy shine to the production. Done with a reassuring presence theirs is a tender, touching sound, full of life and celebration. Vocals have an urbane sensibility to them, with the neat light accent of the singer being a rather fine touch. Unique with its dance rock flavour, the piece has a propulsive energy to it. With a communal presence there is a beauty behind it, unfurling at their own pace. Nice attention to detail comes from the multi-faceted, multi-layered quality to it.

Right from the beginning they set the groove out gracefully. They allow the many layers tualio intermingle in a way that has a grace to it. Full of so much colour the kaleidoscopic nature of the piece works wonders. Every step of the way further emphasizes this uncanny sense of discovery, one where they truly mine that rhythm they set in a pitch-perfect manner. In many ways there is a distinct early 2000s playfulness to it, going for a specific DFA/Warp Records quality, that they balance with ease. Any sense of evolution feels gorgeous for they expand the world out into the seemingly infinite. For this there is a bit of a summer jam quality aspect behind it. Volume is a must and they allow it to seemingly wrap its arms around the listener in a way that feels wonderful.

“Welcome to My Show” revels in the deliriously happy attitude of KrizRok.

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