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A true and complete joy to behold, Leo Kelly-Gee goes for pure happiness with “Brother”.

Leo Kelly-Gee – Brother

Leo Kelly-Gee delves into a pastoral bliss with the soulful “Brother”. Everything here has an airiness to it. The sheer amount of love and sunlight that drenches this work feels outright joyous to behold. From his glimmering voice to the neat yet affectionate tender of the acoustic guitar there is a grace to the whole thing. By keeping it light he ensures that there is a bit of tenderness that comes into the frame. Sung with such honeyed vocals the track wafts on by as if in a wonderful daydream. Even when it does buildup it never loses sight of that initial spark, keeping the riff and melody intact throughout the whole duration.

The song sets the tone immediately. His voice has a soothing presence to it, for it seems to skip through vast numbers of fields. Full of life, this is a life truly lived to the fullest. Every single gesture matters and he makes sure to keep things to the essentials. As small elements enter into the fray they only add to the piece’s spirit, never distract from it. With a lively presence the way it draws from groups as wide ranging as Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, and even an optimistic Mountain Goats adds to its allure. Much of it embraces this journey for the song never lets up, it keeps on growing as if in a delirious giddy mood one that touches the very heart.

A true and complete joy to behold, Leo Kelly-Gee goes for pure happiness with “Brother”.



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