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A true summer jam, Laura Tanifum keeps things delightfully chill on “Different Sides”.

Laura Tanifum - Different Sides

A true summer jam, Laura Tanifum keeps things delightfully chill on “Different Sides”. The tropical flavor of the sound comes from multiple sources – from the refreshingly tactile approach of percussion that possesses its own glimmer to the grace of the melody. Best of all is that groove that has an infectious quality to it, making sure that the rest of the sound gets woven together with this limber bassline. Her voice too rests in the center of the work for she incorporates a surprisingly large array of twists and turns, helping to keep the sound fresh even as it gains a particular meditative aspect.

From the first moment the percussion hits with a playfulness. The bounce of the sound means that the beats have a flexibility. Her voice truly helps to tie the work together, for the verses cascade in a way that feels wonderful. Melodically there is a grace to the sound, for at times it feels as light as a feather. Glowing textures allow the melody to seemingly be suspended in the air. She weaves the whole of the work together, and the buildup of the piece adds to the loveliness of the work. For the final stretch the song lets its hair down a little bit, making sure that the rest of the track has a compassionate scope as it wraps around the listener.

Laura Tanifum gets the party started with the good energy and good vibes take of “Different Sides” proving her to be an exceptional lyricist.


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