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A truly captivating piece, Hopkins delivers a stunner with the soulful “Dominion”

Hopkins – Dominion

Hopkins creates pure pop perfections on the indescribably catchy sound of “Dominion”. Genre-hopping with gleeful abandon the only constant remains their incredible voice. Sung with pure fire they navigate all the song’s contortions with the utmost of grace. Verses here are balanced on a dime and they have absolutely no problem letting the whole of the sound come crashing down in a gorgeous din of distortions and dissonance.

Electro, EDM, IDM, pop, funk, and dance-rock all effortlessly come together in a way that is distinctly their own. Melodies are played just ever so slightly askew to give it that additional edge, an almost musical foreshadowing that things are ever so off and trying to get right. This tension comes to inform the entirety of the song as it fluctuates between easy-going grooves and pure crashed chaos.

The song takes its time coming into focus. Melodies skitter about in the background. Upon the tempo getting set the rhythm has a tightness to it, one that proves to be almost impossible to fully adhere to, and, it simply lets loose. So funky, the way that the song picks itself up after the collapse feels gorgeous, relatable even. Nods to James Blake’s poppy pieces emerges throughout for the sound design sparkles and shines with polish. With that off-kilter melody weaving in and out of the whole mix, the song gains a certain desire to try and centre itself.

A truly captivating piece, Hopkins delivers a stunner with the soulful “Dominion”.


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