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A truly masterful execution of electro pop.

Bonze - Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)

A truly masterful execution of electro pop, Bonze goes for a soulful aside on “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)”. The buildup here proves to be absolutely everything for pace is the trick. Elements of the sound flutter about in the background, for Bonze ensures that these gestures get gradually teased on out until they become truly beguiling. His voice, deep and resonant, further adds to the heft of the piece for he holds absolutely nothing back. Love rests at the very heart of it all from which all else flows, and he makes sure that this initial spark of desire is never lost.

The hushed introduction of the work belies the eventual economical groove that gets employed further along. For at first there is an ability for Bonze to hold the sound at bay, ensuring that it all has a gentle quality to it. Quite subtle shifts allude to the way that that song will eventually transform, as it features such careful colours that enter into the mix. By allowing it all to come together the groove gets started in earnest after a few cycles, and they never lose sight of the fantastic finale that they are striving towards. On the final stretch of the piece he truly lets his hair down as a celebratory atmosphere emerges from that beginning, one that has such fire and passion behind it.

“Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)” shows off the deft skill of Bonze in delivering a sound that defies easy categorization for a more classic take.



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