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A truly worldly take on EDM, Big in Borneo goes for a naturalistic flavor to its beats on “Wanderer”

Big in Borneo – Wanderer

A truly worldly take on EDM, Big in Borneo goes for a naturalistic flavor to its beats on “Wanderer”. The spaciousness of the track is a thrill to behold. Notes of the Future Sound of London’s famous Papua New Guinea feature prominently. Everything about it has a cleverness about it. Melodically rich they make sure to space it all out. Wordless vocals add to the otherworldly presence of the work. Hints of mysticism enter into the epic sound making sure it completely consumes the listener in a way that has a majesty about it.

Right from the beginning there is a bit of an ambient bliss. From this initial seed of sound, the thing grows and grows until it becomes a fully organic work. Virtually teeming with life, the ebb and flow of the work has such beauty behind it. In many ways the work has a tenderness to it, one that feels absolutely wonderful. The tactile quality of some of the beats further adds to the inventiveness. By combining the artificial and organic they push the work into a mixture that accurately depicts the present. Something of a throwback feeling occurs for their trance pop instincts have clear roots from the “chillout room” sessions of the 90s. Even the way they increase the intensity of the work displays a patience of sorts. Quite geographic they roll through vast arrays of space.

“Wanderer” opts for a lush, luxurious atmosphere proving Big in Borneo to be studious of ancient and modern sound.

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