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A wonderful mixture of hard rock meets industrial pop.

Afterbliss – Remnants

A wonderful mixture of hard rock meets industrial pop, Afterbliss delivers “Remnants” with such urgency. The tempo is out of control brought to its absolute breaking point. Everyone else rushes along with a blurred sense of beauty but the true star of the show comes from his incredible vocals. On such a wild trip, the lyrics have their own poetry to them, for every verse feeds off the last. Volume is a given for they deserve to be played as loudly as possible as theirs is a physical sound. Within the sound itself, they draw a little bit from Depeche Mode’s own sense of drama and tenderness encased in a hard outer shell.

They waste no time in getting things started as the atmosphere has a heaviness to it. Additionally, they allow the whole of the work to build itself up into a furious frenzy. Layer upon layer enters into the fray making the song increasingly more chaotic. With this sort of ornate structure, they never lose sight of that hook, the thing that really helps to center these experiments. Everything hits with a poignancy too as there is a thoughtfulness to the way that they let the song grow. Nearly organic in a way, they ensure that the song comes across as a living, breathing entity. By allowing all of this to come to a crest for the finale, there is a sense of purpose that plays out across it.

“Remnants” revels in a sheer sense of pure decadence, making Afterbliss a giddy journey.



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