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Abi Mia’s “Enough is Enough” shows off Abi Mia’s uncanny ability to capture the zeitgeist.

Abi Mia - Enough is Enough

Abi Mia delivers the long-overdue anthem of “Enough is Enough” where the injustices of the world are called out and laid bare. Her voice possesses such fire and passion as it soars above in a celestial glow. From her singular delivery, an entire world is exposed for all the wrongs that must be righted in order to start living in a better place. Beyond this though, there is something simpler, even more direct – of trying to improve what can be done at this very moment, to make an active effort to create a world that is honest, that is good and kind to each other. The rest of the arrangement takes its cue from her, following the sheer power that she radiates over the course of the work.

Right from the onset, her voice takes front and centre stage from which all else flows. Nothing ever distracts from that initial impulse either, for her words possess the greatest amount of muscle. Carefully chosen verses intersect to form a greater parable, one that harkens back to a past that is untenable, to offering something more inclusive within the world. She does this with the utmost of care featuring a great degree of honestly to lead the way.

Sung with such intensity and urgency, Abi Mia’s “Enough is Enough” shows off Abi Mia’s uncanny ability to capture the zeitgeist with a finely honed message that lingers in the message long after the piece has ended.


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