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Active's new track “Pay The Price” holds absolutely nothing back.

Active – Pay The Price

Active goes for a dark sleek beauty on the hard, bombastic style of “Pay The Price”. Neon-hued synthesizers woozily waft on through. By far the highlight comes from the pure fire of his flows, with every single verse delivered with maximum impact. Storytelling proves to be exceptional as the tapestry of sound constantly churns about, giving the whole of the track a delirious sensation. Such a heavy dense mix it is easy to get lost within the many different textures and tempos of the work, for they mess with listener expectations in a way that feels absolutely beautiful to behold.

Brutal sound bursts onto the scene. An intense rush of sound comes into the fray. Vocals take front and centre stage for the lyrics have a wide-eyed fervour about them. The storytelling that goes on throughout that entirety of the piece draws from a life lived to the absolute fullest. References to other similarly minded artists like Biggie Smalls appear to have made an impact on the overall sound, for it takes at least its narrative ethos from an older school of hip-hop. On the flipside the production shines with a slick, luxurious cadence that feels completely all-engrossing. Full of a visceral impact the bass hits with a potency that only heightens the sense of disorientation that weaves its way into the whole of the epic sprawling piece.

“Pay The Price” is an intense unflinching view of reality and Active holds absolutely nothing back, lending the sound a confrontational ethos.



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