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Addie Hamilton’s “Tangerine” is a blissful piece of pop.

Addie Hamilton – Tangerine ( Fabian Fioto 📸 )

Mysterious yet bursting with colour, Addie Hamilton’s “Tangerine” is truly beguiling. Lyrics here opt for the poetic while they draw heavily from the intersection of the natural and the synthetic world. The chamber-pop perfection draws liberally from the carefully crafted yet oftentimes opaque musings of Penguin Café Orchestra, in that the richness of the sound and it is sheer stately elegant lends it a classical flair.

Fabian Fioto 📸

She delivers a classic sort of sound one that defies trends, forging her own path towards something timeless. By far though the true heart and soul comes from the power of her voice, with its gentle yet commanding presence. Her voice invites the listener into an entire other universe with her own distinct stamp on things.

The rhythms here have a pastoral hue to them for they draw heavily from an almost natural lightness. Nothing is rushed the piece is given ample time to roam. Verses are weighted for the utmost maximum impact ensuring that every word is chosen to further add onto the mystifying atmosphere. Sweeping gestures imply a great sense of geography for every single element works to highlight this sensibility. Buildup here matters a great deal for she ensures the precision of each element letting them work quite literally like clockwork, ever so delicately ticking away the time.

Sung with a curious spark and deep wonder with the world, Addie Hamilton’s “Tangerine” is a blissful piece of pop, thought-provoking while retaining an undeniable catchiness.


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