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Adora Odili embraces a classic 90 R&B style with “Picking Up Flowers Inside”.

Adora Odili - Picking Up Flowers Inside

Adora Odili embraces a classic 90 R&B style with “Picking Up Flowers Inside”. Everything about it features a warmth, from her soothing vocals to the silky-smooth atmosphere. Pop, R&B, dance, all of this is brought into the mix with the mix itself having a delicacy to it. Melodically rich, her style has a uniqueness to it, for there is a hushed aura to her vocals. Everything here possesses that unique yearning, a desire for something more.

The song has a genteel quality to it, for the tempo starts up immediately. With an atmospheric glow to it there is a sense of wonder displayed. Verses have a poetry to them, as her approach to the storytelling feels quite honest. Somehow the song has a long-lost 90s radio hit aspect to it, as if it was a long-forgotten piece of work. In this respect Adora finds common ground with hypnogogic pop artists such as Klein and James Ferraro, for this nostalgia seeps through the entirety of the journey. A buildup of the sound further adds to the spirit of the piece. It touches the very soul, realizing the importance of having a rather low-key yet stately presence. Headphones are a must for there is a polished quality, as her voice virtually feels live, as the song has a surprisingly kaleidoscopic appeal going for such a wide amount of variation on that original theme.

“Picking Up Flowers Inside” shows off Adora Odili’s uncanny ability to balance a whole slew of styles, ones that reference the past while pointing to the future.



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