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“Aftermath” features a gorgeous, driving rhythm, showing off Bob Fossil’s skill.

Bob Fossil – Aftermath

Bob Fossil makes me miss the joy of 90s alternative rock with the soothing “Aftermath”. Their approach has a full-bodied take to it for their ability to craft some infectious hooks is unparalleled. A certain charm runs through the whole of the piece, for the vocals have their own inviting presence. Verses too are chosen with the greatest of care for they ensure that it all ties together in a way that becomes outright majestic.

Things start off laid-back yet stately. Interplay on the track feels gorgeous for they truly listen to each other, playing off each other’s strength. With such crystal clarity they manage to sculpt their own way. Elements of grunge, alternative rock, indie rock, and even a hint of jazz enters into the fray yet the way they combine the sound feels uniquely their own. Delivered with such a rich approach it is easy to get lost in the many layers of sound, all the while admiring their ability to explore a degree of brightness within the arrangement. For no matter how heavy things get there is a certain calm that runs through the entirety of the piece. By allowing this sort of style to add to the overall spirit of the work, it helps allow the sound to slowly but surely expand.

“Aftermath” shows off the timeless take of Bob Fossil in creating a sound that feels classic yet very much of this moment.



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