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Air-Ik transforms Blondie’s classic “Call Me” into a slow-moving beast.

Air-Ik - Call Me

Air-Ik transforms Blondie’s classic “Call Me” into a slow-moving beast. The dirge that prevails over the course of the piece has an entrancing methodology to it. Volume is an absolute must for this is a wall of sound. His vocals rise above the din adding to the sheer chaos of the work. Everything about it has a sprawling, ambitious tact to it. Full of an intrinsic unflinching honesty he totally flips the mood around. Keeping that initial defiance of the original he makes sure that the riffs distortion and fury bring an additional level of manic energy into it. Patient to its core the buildup proves its sense of majesty.

The mood starts up immediately. Such a wild swirl of spirit enters into the equation. All of it works wonders for there is a wildness to it. His animalistic intensity adds to the power of the piece. Quite muscular at times the groove has a bass heavy approach. Done with the greatest amount of care they pile a lot into the proceedings. Word choice here is the same as Blondie but there is a wide scope to the whole thing, one that adds a sinister quality to the thing. Churning about with the right level of intensity everything here has a fury to it. Lots and lots of detail enters into the fray making it much larger than the original, with a menacing attitude prevailing.

“Call Me” features the uncanny ability of Air-Ik to create a purely physical assault on the senses.



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