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Aisling Jarvis delivers a soothing, sultry sound on the sensual “Fade to Black.

Aisling Jarvis - Fade to Black (feat. Hvmmingbyrd & Kipunji)

Aisling Jarvis delivers a soothing, sultry sound on the sensual “Fade to Black (feat. Hvmmingbyrd & Kipunji)”. The song draws heavily from a sleek, futuristic dream pop cadence. So, smooth the production feels flawless as it glistens about in a vast, cyclical manner. References abound from James Blake’s elegant dub-infused compositions to the gentler, lounge side of the Weeknd’s work. However, they way they implement the sound feels highly unique, as the song gains an almost geometric quality. Layer upon layer of sound comes together in a way that has a perfect hue to it.

The vocals have a gentle quality to them for they open the sound on a highly ornate note. Keyboards have a jazz-infused bliss to them while they skitter about in a beautiful way. Every single detail gains a maximum impact for they make sure that not a moment is wasted. This, accompanied by the insistence on a careful melody, results in something that becomes all-consuming. By far though the vocals serve front and center of the entire thing. Like a beating heart, the lyrics have a poignancy to them for they draw from a life lived to the absolute fullest. Verses are lined up for a sense of purpose for, when taken together as a singular whole, they tell a story steeped in a certain degree of mystery. Multiple suites follow each other, interlocking to create this entire, fully realized world.

“Fade to Black (feat. Hvmmingbyrd & Kipunji)” shows off Aisling Jarvis’s deft skill in sculpting a sound that is distinctly his own.



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