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AJ La Joya features a great party-starting atmosphere on the gorgeous grooves of “Hallucinate”.

AJ La Joya – Hallucinate

AJ La Joya features a great party-starting atmosphere on the gorgeous grooves of “Hallucinate”. They take on the age-old classic of creating a summer jam and do so with an uncanny sense of style. Easy to put on full blast, the bass hits with a physicality. So many different elements come together but there is a clear tropical celebratory spirit that drives the song forward. Layer upon layer results in a kaleidoscopic style, one where the tremendous amount of colour feels doubly refreshing. By far though is the sheer power of his voice resting front and centre of the entire thing.

He wastes no time as the song starts up with a Prince-like confidence. Done with such vigor he allows the melody to enter into the equation quite quickly. The funk is quite strong with this one, for the taut groove has a relaxing and timeless quality about it. Full of a tremendous amount of life behind it he makes sure that the unexpected twists and turns of the sound further add to the sense of freedom that the song trades in. Later on the buildup becomes of the utmost essence as the song features a gorgeousness to it, one that seems to celebrate what it means to be together. Over the course of the track a sense of peacefulness, one that has a hopefulness to it, emerges bringing the thing to a close.

“Hallucinate” revels in the uncanny ability of AJ La Joya to capture the sense of purpose that a party can truly bring.


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