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Al Shalliker explores a glowing, psychedelic folk on the beautiful scope of “The Voyage”.

Al Shalliker - The Voyage

Al Shalliker explores a glowing, psychedelic folk on the beautiful scope of “The Voyage”. Little details matter a great deal for he allows flourishes into the mix while retaining the attention on the strength of the guitar. One of the neatest tricks comes from the glow of the keyboards that have an almost Pink Moon like magic behind them. Beyond this, the inclusion of the harmonica and the way the bass weaves into the mix feels classic. Easily the highlight of the whole sound is his expressive, emotional vocal presence. Lyrics have a modern poetry behind them as many layers intermingle to create a vast tapestry of sound.

Crystal clear acoustic guitar enters into the equation, setting the tone for what follows. A pastoral beauty has a gorgeousness to it, as the rest of the band gradually falls into place. Tension here revolves around the narrative, for he sings with a great earnestness. Word choice is done with such care, as he blends the voice and guitar into one unified vision. On the periphery of the sound the rhythm section resides, proving to be an ideal counterpoint to the equation. So many different layers reside comfortably for they have a swirling quality to them. His storytelling has a reassuring presence to it, both in terms of the careful way that the verses cascade and how neatly they play off each other.

“The Voyage” feature Al Shalliker’s incredible gift in bringing together the past and the present in a way that is quite bewitching.



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