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Albert Eno sings straight from the heart on the delicate dream of “A Kind of Cure”.

Albert Eno - A Kind of Cure

Albert Eno sings straight from the heart on the delicate dream of “A Kind of Cure”. The raw rustic grit of the piece stuns for they incorporate so much passion within the sound. Guitars have a righteousness behind them. By keeping things to the essentials, the song gains a unique poignancy. Easily the very centre of the piece revolves around the kindness of his vocals that have a warm reassuring presence about them. Within the work he brings a bit of spaciousness, as the work incorporates a wide slew of styles into the mix, from the blues to chamber pop to even a hint of psychedelic folk all swirled together into a fantastic hue.

At the beginning he has a hushed aura about the sound, for the vocals at first have a whispered reverence to them. From there the rest of the band gradually comes into place, with everything in its right place. Usage of the evolution of the groove results in something that has a living, breathing majesty behind it. The acoustic guitar works wonders and indeed serves as the second singer of the satisfyingly compassionate piece. Small details matter a lot in this sort of pared down, intimate tact. When the electric guitar lets out a western twang, it really expands out emphasizing the sense of hope that guides the work along.

The tender journey of Albert Eno’s “A Kind of Cure” employs a bit of a poetry in a pitch-perfect way, with a story that stirs that the very soul.



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