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Alexio goes hard with the party-starting energy of “Never Subtract”.

Alexio - Never Subtract

Alexio goes hard with the party-starting energy of “Never Subtract”. True to its word, the sound feels massive. With its sheer force of nature, the beats and the bass take the lead over the work. Production here further adds to this intense rush. None of this would be possible of course without his commanding vocals. Sung with so much spirit there is a grandeur to his vocalizations that puts him in the same league as Drake and the Weeknd. Crisp beats have a ferocity to them as they virtually bounce off the walls in a myriad number of ways. Geometric with their precision, the rhythm works on an emotional as well as time-keeping sense, adding to the piece’s power.

The power of the sound starts up immediately. Nothing is held back for they go hard within the atmosphere as there is a fire within it. Everything about it feels like a pile-on, for the way that he lets the sound grow and expand gives the song a living, breathing quality. By allowing this all to intermingle the song becomes kaleidoscopic with his lyricism, pointed, serves as the very focal point of it all making it a true pleasure to behold. Stylistically too he brings elements of hip-hop, pop, dub, electro and more into this singular worldview while never flinching away from the raw grit and soul of the very track.

“Never Subtract” shows off Alexio’s powerful flow and ability to conjure up an entire universe one entirely of his own creation.



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