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“All 2 Much” shows off Pib’s uncanny ability to create a vivid sensibility.

Pib - All 2 Much

Pib employs a post-punk ethos effortlessly on the emotional rollercoaster of “All 2 Much”. With nods to Joy Division’s thoughtful introspection, the song unfurls in such a graceful way. Their chops are fully on display here for the driving rhythm alongside the gracious angular guitar riffs gives the sound a classic cadence. His voice though proves to be the true cherry on top as it perfectly ties it all together. A deep register his voice has a quiet power to it even as the rest of the track swirls around in a fantastic hazy way.

Right from the get-go they start out strong as the driving bassline and impeccable drums work in unison to create this brilliant blur. The vocalist here matches the energy flawlessly as every single verse is chosen with the utmost of care. Attention to detail is key for they let the sound evolve in unexpected ways. By far though the way it slowly morphs into an ambient Zen-like mantra for the latter half of the piece makes it a masterwork, for they combine multiple suites into this singular sound. Never losing the initial emotional impulse, they instead dive deeper into the feeling, akin to a microscope going in for a closer look. With this introspective finale they make a truly beautiful piece, one that touches the very soul.

“All 2 Much” shows off Pib’s uncanny ability to create a vivid sensibility, one that explores one’s own life and does so in a way that feels refreshingly honest.



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