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“All Day All Night” features a rather beautiful sense of sculpting.

Francesca Monte - All Day All Night

Francesca Monte wastes no time in getting the captivating, soothing energy flowing with the gentle “All Day All Night”. Rock, pop, R&B, and more enter into the mix. The thoughtfulness of the work rests with the way that they balance all of these many pieces. By far the highlight of the track comes from the way that they let their voice soar up into the sky. Hints of Taylor Swift’s pop craft further influence much of the sound, for the slight nod to the blues and country appear in the very distance of the core sound. Quite an eclectic rush, the song deserves to be played as loudly as possible for maximum impact. Working like a vast wall of sound it simply crashes over the listener. Volume is a must for hers is an engaging, thrilling adventure.

Riffs introduce the track with the right jolt of energy. The tone is immediately set. With the band in full swing her voice rises up above the din in a way that presents a crystal calm. A bit of a loveliness takes shape and emerges out of the groove. Done with such dignity they make sure that every single flourish of the sound matters in full. For the finale they let it all hang out in a way that feels particularly well-earned, like all the tension from before finally reached a crescendo.

“All Day All Night” features a rather beautiful sense of sculpting, one that reveals Francesca Monte to be a gifted storyteller.



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