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“All I Need” shows off Anindya Mukherjee’s skill in making a piece that touches the very soul.

Anindya Mukherjee - All I Need

A truly bombastic life-affirming ballad, Anindya Mukherjee delivers a sonnet straight from the heart on the poetic pop of “All I Need”. With a hard-hitting classic rock and roll style, the swagger with which the track evolves feels outright heartfelt. The buildup of the piece serves as the key attraction for with each reiteration of the theme, the whole of the track grows to become almost cinematic in scope. Symphonic flourishes only add to this appeal whether it is the way that the instruments intermingle or the way that the vocals have a crystal clarity to them. Vocals offer nods to James Taylor’s impeccable storytelling ability, for the lyricism has a tender touch to it.

Playful piano chords introduce the piece as it swells up into a stately melody. Everything about the piece has a true force of nature quality to it, for the way it expands into the infinite feels outright gorgeous. So lush, the many different layers intermingle in a way that is easy to get lost in, as the patterns play off each other. Right at its very core is the vocalist who manages to bring all of this sound together in a way that feels uniquely satisfying. Akin to a long-lost classic, the intensity and infectious hooks that adorn it end things on a majestic hue.

The way that “All I Need” incorporates so much inner strength, power, and love shows off Anindya Mukherjee’s deft skill in making a piece that touches the very soul.

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