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Alternative rock of the 90s variety filters into the darkness of Iam Nothe’s “Babylon Burn”.

Iam Nothe - Babylon Burn

Alternative rock of the 90s variety filters into the darkness of Iam Nothe’s “Babylon Burn”. The gargantuan undertaking has an intrinsic beauty about it. Shoegaze, post-rock, and elements of grunge emerge out of the din. His voice has a steadiness to it which is all the more impressive given the massive waves of sound that they conjure up. Riffs have a heaviness to them for they make sure to punctuate the power of each verse. Nearly poetic at times, there is a degree of insight that Iam is able to provide with each reiteration of the theme.

The buildup of the texture feels effortless. Layer upon layer works wonders for there is a degree of color that bursts on through. Everything here has a balance to it, from the fantastic drum and bass aspect to the way the song races on through. Such a symphonic sweep of the aural universe adds to the sense of space. Plenty of the work has a timeless quality to it. During certain moments of the sound, I am reminded of Pearl Jam’s early output. Much like that, Iam imbues the piece with a soulfulness. Word choice here matters for every verse cut to the very core. For all the nostalgia of the atmosphere, the story that unfolds feels highly contemporary. Indeed, the song captures the zeitgeist in a subtle significant fashion.

Iam Nothe delivers something straight from the gut on the visceral sound of “Babylon Burn” for the symphonic aspect of the atmosphere simply crashes over the listener.



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