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Amanda Gabana goes for the right amount of grandeur on the glamor of “Presa na Rede”.

Amanda Gabana - Presa na Rede

Amanda Gabana goes for the right amount of grandeur on the glamor of “Presa na Rede”. Samba, indie rock, electro pop, and more are filtered through her unique approach. The melody has an infectious hook to it for she makes sure it evolves at its own pace. Nothing here feels rushed at all for there is a timeless grace to the way she brings it together. Layer upon layer is filtered into the fray resulting in something simply stunning. References here range wildly going all the way from the soothing Antonio Carlos Jobim to the more contemporary easy-going funk rock of Neon Indian.

She wastes no time in getting the sound started on the right foot, for the beats have a tropical quality to them. Indeed, the whole things has a lighter than air Balearic spirit that helps to guide it along. Her clever wordplay adds to the tenderness of the tones, making sure that every verse is executed with the greatest of care. Within the sound it is easy to get lost in the dreamy dispositions for there is a communal presence, a sense of geography that neatly brings it all together. Quite cleverly, she allows a bit of flexibility in how the atmosphere expands, almost wafting up into an endless sky. So much passion comes through as the track builds in a classic, lovely way.

“Presa na Rede” shows off Amanda Gabana’s impeccable vocals that neatly tie the past and the present together into a perfect package.



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