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Amanda Gabana weaves post punk and pop together on the surrealist joy of “Nós”.

Amanda Gabana – Nós

Amanda Gabana weaves post punk and pop together on the surrealist joy of “Nós”. The arrangement works alongside the sheer strength of her voice. By conjuring up a whole universe with the power of her lyricism, the verses cascade ever downwards to create something quite magnificent. Careful word choice adds to the illustrious effect for there is a beauty to behold, one that adds to the inherent richness of the work. Interplay between the group feels fantastic, and their ability to contain their enthusiasm, letting the tension build in the background, is an unusual yet highly refreshing twist.

The disjointed electro percussion starts things off in a slinky way. Various little pieces of the track enter into the fray. At first her voice proves to be the carrier of the melody, as subtle elements help to levitate it all. Words echo off into the distance. Great, tremendous amount of colour burst forth, starting out with the jagged edges of the guitar. A driving rhythm takes space as she conveys a sense of endless space. Layers work together to create a Byzantine series of patterns, playing off each other. Play becomes an inherent fixture of the sound, for it careens wildly becoming ever more carefree. Allowing for this duality, the quiet and the storm, make sure that her narrative has a cathartic experience, akin to stepping out into the light.

“Nós” offers a look into an entire universe, one that truly touches the soul and proves Amanda Gabana to be a highly articulate storyteller.



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