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Amy Walton, proves to be an exceptional singer-songwriter showing what romance truly means.

Amy Walton - Takeaway Lover

Amy Walton brings a jazzy affect to the glowing pop perfection of “Takeaway Lover”. Every gesture is carefully considered. Her voice contains multitudes while it touches upon everything from a sense of love to a desire to be the only one, the best one. The melody perfectly highlights the strength of her voice working as a second vocalist at certain moments. With its toy box twee-like quality, the glowing keys intermingle alongside the funkiness of the groove.

Lilting sliding melody opens the track up on a high note as her voice slinks on by in a way that feels graceful. The way the sound evolves too has a tenderness to it, with the compassionate quality of the lyricism feeling pitch perfect. Percussion here takes a bit of a backseat for it is not the main driver, merely adornment on the already addictive groove. A sense of patience proves to be rather gorgeous as the multi-faceted, multi-layered sound works wonders in creating something that is absolutely beautiful to behold. Evolution of the sound happens slowly yet surely, as the cyclical looping presence of the piece goes for a gentle, delicate tenor. So many different little traces of melody gradually come to the forefront as well for she ensures that the beguiling bliss of the atmosphere is never broken, rather becomes something to admire.

“Takeaway Lover” displays the raw soul and talent of Amy Walton, proving her to be an exceptional singer-songwriter who captures the modern moment of what romance truly means.



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