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An early 90s alt rock spirit breathes life into Jana & Jorge’s airy “Time Goes Fast”.

Jana & Jorge - Time Goes Fast

An early 90s alt rock spirit breathes life into Jana & Jorge’s airy “Time Goes Fast”. The sprawling quality of the work makes it easy to fully immerse into. Her vocals have a beauty to it. Everything about it has a balance. Layer upon layer adds to the majesty of the piece. Notes of Toad the Wet Sprocket, and the Cranberries filter into the fray. Rhythms have a brisk yet light pace to them. Everything about the lyrics has a welcoming presence to them. Somewhat sprawling the enthusiasm of the work makes sure that the listener gets further and further into their universe.

With clear nods to the stately spirit of the Sea and Cake’s jazz-infused indie rock, there is a kindness here. They take their time for atmosphere is of the essence. Reflective to its core the song has a nostalgic, yearning temperament to it. Upon the guitars bursting in a bright blaze, they touch upon an expansive western twang. Hints of country emerge out of the sound, done quite tastefully whilst filtered through their own vision. Quite soothing there is a reassurance to be experienced within the song as the piece has a tender, soulful spirit about it. By making sure that the song evolves in its own dignified way they touch upon the very heart of the message, for the words are chosen with such care.

The leisurely, laid-back vibes of Jana & Jorge’s “Time Goes Fast” feature a joy about it one that feels doubly reassuring.



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