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An epic, arena-filling sound rises out of Sub:Om’s colossal “UNIFY”.

Sub:Om – UNIFY

An epic, arena-filling sound rises out of Sub:Om’s colossal “UNIFY”. The mix of metal, hard rock, dance and more results in a pure freewheeling spirit. Communal to its core the interplay of the whole band has a swinging delirium to it. Drums underpin the whole thing for the rhythm proves to be outright infectious. Quite tribal at times, the beat hits with an intense urgency. Swimming through the din are the wonderfully gauzy vocals that have a dreamy quality to them, bringing a bit of the surreal to them. Verses are balanced helping to add to this sense of power about the song. Everything about the sound demands to be absolutely blasted.

From moment one there is a beauty to it. A tremendous blast of noise introduces the work. Grooves have a wild, animalistic fury to it. By allowing the song to grow and grow, the piece has a multifaceted multilayered quality to it. Riffs perfectly blend with the power of the percussion adding to the wall of sound aspect to it. Deep in the core of it those vocals seem to be yearning, pining even, for a sense of togetherness. Optimism does lead the way and the word choice further emphasizes this point. With that initial burst of energy never letting up, the sound becomes increasingly denser. For the final stretch they let it all loose in the way that they had teased for the entire song.

“UNIFY” features the uncanny ability of Sub:Om to delivery a soulful sound that possesses a force of nature quality to it.



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