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An intense brooding spirit reigns supreme on Weak Tyrant’s “Slide”.

Weak Tyrant – Slide

An intense brooding spirit reigns supreme on Weak Tyrant’s “Slide”. His powerful voice commands the listener to pay attention for there is a yearning resting in the heart of it. Rhythms work wonders in further emphasizing the sheer power of his performance. Nicely fitting in with the likes of Interpol, there is a darkness to be found here that remains quite beautiful. Their ability to neatly tie every element together feels so satisfying. Interplay fits the song like a glove for they listen to each other, playing off each other’s strengths. With the way that the song expands and grows it is a truly beautiful thing. Though rooted in a distinct post-punk ethos, elements of indie rock and even pop enter into the sound ensuring that it has a considered tenor to it.

The anguish of the song comes into view quickly. Upon the inclusion of the guitar’s dreamy specter, it perfectly matches with his pained vocals. By far the highlight emerges from the carefully laid out verses, for the lyrics have a profound quality to them. Over the course of the piece, the whole of the approach becomes ever more poignant. Volume is a must for they trade in a unique sort of physicality as the whole of the experience expands off into the infinite. For the well-earned finale they allow all that tension they grew from the beginning to simply break in a truly cathartic manner.

Done with such grace and dignity, Weak Tyrant delves into a colossal grandeur on the stately “Slide”.



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