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An intense journey Harlow Lake brings together art rock, post rock and indie rock.

Harlow Lake - Bell and Jewel

An intense journey Harlow Lake brings together art rock, post rock and indie rock into a colossal whole on “Bell and Jewel”. The sheer anguish that is incorporated into the song has a pained, emotional quality to it. Lyrics go for the absolutely brutal, holding no detail back. Rhythms too have a strained aspect for they do not race forward, instead their hesitant stance further adds to the sense of uncertainty that brings it all together in a vast, swirling fashion. Volume is an absolute must for theirs is a sound that must be felt as well as heard, for they at times bring to mind elements of Alice In Chains in terms of their vivid imagery.

Guitar riffs ring out as they have an angular presence about them. Nods to Explosions in the Sky emerge, for the slow yet steady pacing proves to be ready to boil over at a moment’s notice. His voice though serves as the very much beating heart in the center of it all. Lyrics have a sharpness to them as they cut through everything to reveal deeper truths. By allowing these verses to neatly ty up with the sense of play that incorporates the whole piece, the gorgeousness of it is on full display. They balance the many elements together in a way that is distinctly their own, especially for the fantastic finale where the rhythms are sort of torn asunder.

“Bell and Jewel” features an intrepid exploration making Harlow Lake a truly beautiful sound to behold.

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