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An orchestral industrial pop bursts out onto the scene with Me’s “Me and My Follower”.

Me - Me and My Follower

An orchestral industrial pop bursts out onto the scene with Me’s “Me and My Follower”. Their voice contains multitudes for it is rich with emotional output. Beyond this, the lyrics have a cleverness about them possessing a sense of pure poetry. Every verse is weighted and delivered for maximum impact. Layer upon layer enters into the fray giving the song a psychedelic gleam about it. Melodically dense the way everything seems to wrap itself around the listener further adds to its strong sense of spirit.

Nor do they waste a moment for they start things up immediately, throwing the listener right into the middle of things. From there it only becomes more intriguing, as the little details become magnified and elaborated upon. With such attention to the tiniest of gestures the way it all holds up has a tremendous beauty about it. The little elements of distortion further disorient, as the cyclical style of the rhythms further lends it a hypnotic trance-like aura behind it. Stylistically rooted in industrial and pop, they bring even more into the fray, with nods towards classical becoming readily apparent as the song progresses. It all becomes a vast wave that crashes over everything in a way that feels so beautiful to behold. An outpouring of colour results in a vast palette that enters into the performance giving it a liveliness to it.

“Me and My Follower” shows of Me’s impeccable chops and undeniable ability to create a universe that feels distinctly their own.

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