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An outpouring of emotion N4November delivers a true vulnerability with “Constant Reminder”.

N4November - Constant Reminder

An outpouring of emotion N4November delivers a true vulnerability with “Constant Reminder”. The sound features a multi-suite element to it, for the song can be easily viewed as three different movements, each one building off the last. Volume increases within each one of these, becoming ever more physical. Guitar work employs a degree of restraint behind it for it makes sure that it has a thoughtful perspective to it. Lyrically there is a contemplative stance that they adopt one that is doubly reassuring.

Glee leads the way for the vocals take center stage at first. They waste no time for the lyrics at first serve as the focus. From there the rest of the band enters into the equation. An angular mixture comes and evolves in unexpected ways. Over the course of the work, they double down on the energy. Industrial churn starts to take shape about a third of the way through it, for the grooves have a grandeur to them. A cyclical style takes shape one that feels outright gorgeous for they make sure that a lot of the sound stuns. For the final stretch of the work they make sure there is a lot of beauty to be seen, for even in the midst of so much audio chaos they retain that original structure, lending it that further heft as it all seems to explode in its mad dash to the finish.

“Constant Reminder” shows off the intrepid skill of N4November in crafting a universe that is truly all-encompassing.

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