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An undeniably infectious piece of punk pop.

Rich Chambers - High School Can't Last Forever

An undeniably infectious piece of punk pop, Rich Chambers darts forward on the grand rush of “High School Can’t Last Forever”. Everything about it features a giddiness to it from the way that the riffs have their own chaotic tempo to the rhythms that hold nothing back. The whole thing works though due to the vocals which are sung with a tremendous honesty to them one that feels ever so refreshingly real, with all the detail necessary in order to sell such a wide universe. Full of a great deal of power, the song never lets up inviting the listener into this blissed-out beautiful realm. In many ways, Rich even touches upon that emotionally charged ethos of the early 2000s, when indie rock was a lot about sharing one’s heart with the listener.

Drums start the scene and set the pulse of what happens next. Highlighting a sense of anticipation the whole of the experience has a revelry to it one that feels undoubtedly refreshing. Over the course of the track there is an individualistic, highly personal journey that emerges. His attention to detail matters for every twist and turn offers a reflection upon growing up. Leaving one’s home town for something bigger and greater has a delightful cadence to it, for all of it features so much heart thrown in. For the finish they rush it even more as there is a certain resolution of that initial anxiety for a hopeful nervousness.

“High School Can’t Last Forever” shows off Rich Chambers’ skill in crafting a sonic universe that feels so vast, sprawling, and simultaneously real.



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