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An uneasy grunge takes shape with the tragic aura of Coastal Fire Dept.’s “Loner”.

Coastal Fire Dept. – Loner

An uneasy grunge takes shape with the tragic aura of Coastal Fire Dept.’s “Loner”. The haunting beauty of the arrangement has a soul to it. His vocals have a pain to them for they seem to be outright pleading for something more, a better life and a better world. When they bring the rage, they bring it fully and completely. Quite a neat take on the old school approach of grunge, although they make the sound much darker than the original. Not alone in this mining of 90s spirit, their tactfulness brings to mind the criminally underrated group Marker along with the woozy affect of Fake Fruit’s self-titled debut.

The atmosphere has a shadowy, haunting power to it. Drums hit with an emotional cadence to them for they make sure it comes together quality. Volume is an absolute must as this is a song that needs to be felt within one’s own bones. Lyrics here have a cutting presence to them for they make sure that it comes together in a way that further adds to the illustrious nature of the piece, one that has a lovely quality to it at times. Nor do they overstay their welcome – they keep things to the very essentials even as they grow the sound further and further out into the sky. By the finale it all reaches a head before suddenly cutting out.

“Loner” proves to be one of those songs that touches the very heart and resides there, proving Coastal Fire Dept. to be an intense trip.



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