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Anaté goes for a mysterious, beguiling charm with the tender touch of “First Time”.

Anaté - First Time

Anaté goes for a mysterious, beguiling charm with the tender touch of “First Time”. With a rather sophisticated take on pop, there is an elegance to the entire track. Guitars have a sly, slinky quality to them for they unfurl at their own gingerly pace. The dreamy atmosphere is explored in full for the vivid colour that enters into the portrait adds to the intense vibrancy of the whole of the piece. Layer upon layer filters into the fray resulting in a kaleidoscopic swirl. Stylistically they draw from a wide slew of genres, ranging from pop to folk to rock to even reggae, as the song features a delightfully chilled out cadence.

“First Time” features an incredible skill, with Anaté’s deft hand guiding the way with the utmost of gentleness.

The graceful glide of the guitar into the track serves as the sound’s very core and centre, at least initially. By allowing the sound to develop in a luxurious way, the entirety of the piece has a certain sense of poise to it. Every little detail is given plenty of room with which to elaborate, as her voice leads the way. In fact, her voice serves as the very focal point of the entire track. Done with the utmost of care, the buildup happens in a majestic, tender way. Never overdoing things, they remain relatively subdued through much of the song, as the tremendous textures add to the spirit of calm that works wonders, even guiding the track to its lovely finale.



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