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Andrew Bees sculpts a fantastic journey on the stunningly sweet “Hail and Blaze”.

Andrew Bees - Hail and Blaze

Pure sunshine of a sound, Andrew Bees delves into a truly thoughtful sound on the infectious grooves of “Hail and Blaze”. Instrumentally vibrant he incorporates a whole community of different sounds. Quite a rich approach the rest of the track swirls around the listener. Everything here has a grandeur to it. Volume is an absolute must for this celebrates togetherness. The vocals are mixed right in the center of the entire track from which all else flows. With each verse getting crafted with care, the storytelling ability of Andrew Bees proves to be unparalleled.

Nor does he waste much time for the piece starts up immediately. The groove has a soothing low end and that bass is exceptional. Guitars work double time for the riffing has a playful quality to it. Drums help to propel the whole thing forward. A clever mixture of funk, reggae, and pop, there is a punk ethos to much of the experience. Thanks to the way the interplay takes shape it all has a fantastic quality to it. All of it swirls about in this majestic way for there is a stately presence to it. Nods to dub classics, reggae, and others add to the power of the piece. Done with such muscle the piece serves as a true force of nature, holding absolutely nothing back. By the final stretch the band lets loose just a little bit, with the guitars soaring up into the sky.

Andrew Bees sculpts a fantastic journey on the stunningly sweet “Hail and Blaze”.



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