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Andrew Patterson shows off the magic of 'Normal People' in his latest single.

Andrew Patterson - Normal People

Andrew Patterson released his latest single"Normal People" on February 12th and the track is already turning heads. This comes as no surprise as the Belfast, Ireland based singer/songwriter is not a stranger to creating relatable music that is vulnerable, raw and explicitly human. The fact that there is nothing fancy about "Normal People" besides its haunting introduction makes the tune a transformative recipe for reflections about the human experience - especially during troubling times. As the chorus chants, "Maybe there are no more people like us - " the listener can not help to wonder that being 'normal' is in fact such a deranged concept.

"The realization becomes that really, no one is truly normal, and everyone is searching for the same sense of belonging, ” Patterson says.

That sense of belonging definitely hits the spot as Patterson strategically uses jingly guitars and a sugary chorus line to convey the magic of "Normal People." Interestingly enough, the track also gives off a 90's pop-rock vibe such as the likes of Tempe, Arizona rockers The Gin Blossoms placing Patterson on a track to a wide pop-rock audience. Not to mention, Patterson's single was also inspired by Sally Rooney's book "Normal People" which is now made for TV adaptation. Additionally, the track is mastered by world-renowned sound engineer Pete Maher whose clients include U2, Snow Patrol and The Killers. Andrew Patterson's "Normal People" shines a humble light in a slowly dying flashy world.



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