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ARI.NOIR Returns With New Single

Irish-Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer, and producer Ari Noir has released a new laid back single, "Lost Time." Lost Time is the first single from the crooner since the release of his debut EP which was released in March.

Ari is known in the Dublin music scene for his sincere songwriting, emotive vocals, and atmospheric soundscapes. He describes his music as an attempt at escapism, which is encompassed by paradoxical lyrics and his ability to juxtapose the everyday with the fantastic. Ari draws in his listeners with his soothing tones to create a false sense of security, only shake them up with transcendent storytelling and hypnotic melodies.

Lost Time tells a tale of two lovers drifting apart and returning to each other. The pair are unable to stay away from each other, which leaves them in a recurring fight to make up for their “Lost Time." The track is carried by a laid-back beat, creative production, and Ari's signature storytelling.


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