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Ayrton Jimenez delivers an intimate ode straight from the heart.

Ayrton Jimenez - Before Tomorrow Comes

Ayrton Jimenez delivers an intimate ode straight from the heart on the subdued “Before Tomorrow Comes”. She keeps the sound to the essentials for it has a stripped-down, bare-bones approach. By going with this spirit, the intimacy of the work features a great strength, one that revels in its subdued nature. Guitar work nicely accompanies her soothing vocals. Word choice matters a great deal for each verse feels poetic. Elements of these lyrics focus upon an ability to self-reflect, to try and understand one’s motivations alongside the motivations of others. Thoroughly excellent, the execution here results in a conversational quality, like listening to an old friend.

Quiet, almost whispered at the beginning, the song indulges in a lovely darkness. Her voice features an affectionate quality to it. Gestures here become particularly prominent for everything goes for this acute balance. With each additional reiteration of the theme the song dives deeper and deeper into the swirling surreal atmosphere. Such a dignified approach it truly embraces a classic stance, for the guitar sings alongside her. Little details within the guitar’s work are deliberately emphasized as they keep to acoustic for the entirety of the piece, resulting in a truly gorgeous expanse. Various elements further blend into the sound, right down to the decay of the acoustic guitar’s chords, adding to the spaciousness of the aural universe. For the finale it seemingly wafts away into the very sky.

“Before Tomorrow Comes” has a graceful stance to it, with Ayrton Jimenez goes for a style that has a timelessness about it.



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