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Bar Dog sings a highly personal poetic story on “Don’t Follow Me (feat. Rosa Tu)”.

Bar Dog - Don't Follow Me (feat. Rosa Tu)

Bar Dog sings a highly personal poetic story on “Don’t Follow Me (feat. Rosa Tu)”. The cleverness of the composition results in a hallowed folk chamber pop sound. Intimacy defined there is a closeness to the way the song evolves. With an ancient, timeless quality to the sound Bar Dog draws a bit from Michael Hurley’s early work. Vast expanses of open space are implied within the whole of the experience. Instrumental richness adorns the entirety of the piece yet these are used with restraint and care. By far the highlight of the entire piece comes from the assured vocals that seemingly soar up into the heavens.

A hushed awe introduces the track. The vocals take front and center stage from which everything else flows. Over the course of the work the piece gradually comes into focus. By doing this ebb and flow of the sound gains a quiet majesty. Guitar work proves to be almost the third singer in the equation for it is played with such affection. Full of a sense of loss yet also finding peace within that loss, the song has a stately presence to it. Considering the personal origins of the lyricism and the adoration for the individual remembered, the song proves to be a truly fitting tribute, one that captivates the listener all the way to the soothing finale.

“Don’t Follow Me (feat. Rosa Tu)” shows off Bar Dog’s uncanny ability to establish a sense of life and of place.



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