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Bass rumbles on through showing off G. Pari$’s tropical specter of “Patterns”.

G. Pari$ - Patterns

Bass rumbles on through showing off G. Pari$’s tropical specter of “Patterns”. A party vibe runs through the entirety of the work. Lush textures add to the luxury of the piece for there is a grandeur to the way it seemingly comes together. Never outstaying its welcome the tightness of the arrangement helps to give it a degree of time dilation. Layer upon layer enters into the fray. Production has a lushness to it for everything about it feels carefully considered.

Due to its duration the song wastes no time in getting started. From the very first moment the song bursts forth with radiant displays of color. Everything here works for they make sure that the delicate balance has a natural quality to it. Lots of kaleidoscopic effects ensure that the song constantly surprises. Twists and turns keep the listener guessing. Attention to the low-end bass rumbles help to give it a bit of poppy quality. Reggae, dub, pop, EDM, and more all influence the overall spirit of the work for there is a powerful quality. Lots of small yet significant elements further underpin the importance of his delivery. Word choice seemingly floats above it all for the vocals go for a spirit of pure intimacy, one that has a great cadence. For the final stretch there seems to be a cleverness employed one that ties everything up in a thoughtful way.

“Patterns” features G. Pari$’s ability to deliver a fractured yet poetic narrative that employs a dreamlike cadence to maximum effect.



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