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BC Roadz strolls on in with a ferocity on the lo-fi blues of “K St.”

BC Roadz - K St.

BC Roadz strolls on in with a ferocity on the lo-fi blues of “K St.” Stylistically the song works through more than that, bringing in elements of indie pop, hip-hop, and other elements into the fray. It is hard to listen to and not think of that legend of East River Pipe. Similar to East River Pipe’s output, there is an unvarnished truth to the power of his lyricism. Done with so much style everything about it careens wildly. Guitar work filters on through with its own swagger, as the beats hit with a sheer physicality.

From the very beginning the mood is set. Guitar work is allowed a great deal of nimbleness. The drum hits have a physicality to them. Upon the inclusion of his vocals the track gets started in earnest. Everything here stuns in a way that feels outright majestic. With a sense of defiance in his voice the evolution of the groove has a classic rock gone trippy. A degree of psychedelic rock’s dreamy meditative repetition occurs for the song expands out into the infinite. Various guitar licks further add to the wild feral nature of the work. Percussion stutters and hits with such intensity. For the final stretch he lets it all loose, for the hip-hop meets the blues aspect of the work carries it all the way to the finale.

Everything about BC Roadz “K St.” has an intimacy to it, from the production values to the lyricism itself there is something very down to earth about the sound.



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