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Beäfets “Open Letter” is sung straight from the heart and infectiously catchy.

Beäfets - Open Letter

A strong sense of spirit defines the lush swagger of “Open Letter”. The dance rock is strong with them, with a sound that recalls Maximo Park’s early giddy energy mixed with Franz Ferdinand’s flair for uncanny gargantuan hooks. Vocals have a cool classic cadence to them and they are delivered flawlessly. In fact, he seems to almost ride the beat at times for the whole band’s interplay is something quite stunning to behold. Everything about it seems to be razor-focused on the sense of groove, as the way it evolves further gives it a seemingly long-lost classic status.

Right from the beginning with that far off guitar gradually coming into focus, they have penned a hit. When the rest of the band enters into the equation, they sound assured, quite confident in letting the whole thing build on up. Every gesture has a loose quality to it and the band ones as a singular unit. They make this sound easy but this carefree disposition belies a greater attention to detail, one that tries to hide all of the countless hours it takes to get it this right. Best of all that refrain has a welcoming, communal presence to it as the many layers of the sound intermingle, bouncing off each other in a way that has a highly spirited scope. Drums feel gorgeous and the whole thing propels itself forward.

“Open Letter” is sung straight from the heart, making Beäfets to be one of those rare bands that is equal parts thoughtful and infectiously catchy.



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