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“Beauty Queen” shows off Joesix undeniable lyricism and swagger.

Joesix - Beauty Queen

Joesix delivers “Beauty Queen” with the utmost of grace, passion, and poise. Flows are flawless for he raps with such undeniable and well-earned confidence. Lyricism goes for a tender touch for the entirety of the piece has a gentle groove to it. While fully grounded with a hip-hop beat, he incorporates elements of funk, soul, and jazz-rock fusion to give it a classic cadence. Optimism and joy radiate throughout the whole of the piece. Layering sounds on top of each other results in a gorgeous cascade of colours, from the smooth keyboards to the taut bass that helps to drive the entirety of the piece.

Nor does he waste a moment for the track begins immediately with the lovely hues of the melody wafting on by. Upon the inclusion of his vocals the song really begins for he rides the beat with incredible ease. The poetry of the lyrics is one of sheer love and affection while they mingle about in an absolutely glorious way. So much detail is packed into the song even as it remains so infectious. The catchy hook feels quite original and the sound he mines is a little outside the norm. Comparisons to the chilled iridescent funk of California’s Anderson Paak. appear to be unavoidable, for he is in that same caliber.

“Beauty Queen” shows off Joesix undeniable lyricism and swagger, proving him to be an exceptional storyteller with soothing sounds that touch the very soul.


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