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Bemendé: A New Voice In Music

R&B singer, Bemendé, has made her splash onto the music scene with a very sleek and concise EP titled ‘FTSH.’ It offers a variety of different musical styles that all have one thing in common: her beautiful voice. It is truly unmistakable and has a really gentle huskiness while still maintaining a very smooth quality. Her vocal talent is on full display throughout the entire EP, but my favorite example would have to be ‘Hydration.’

The track has a moody vibe and a funky rhythm that makes it distinct. Of all the tracks on this project, she sounds the most confident and in her element on this one. It sounds like the kind of music you would hear in a dimly lit London jazz club. Bemendé's vocals hit all the right notes and hit all the right emotions. She has a way of wrapping her voice around the words and really making the listener feel them and relate to them. That is one of the things that make her so talented.

Bemendé has already found her sound and defined herself with her incredible voice and unique sound. This project is proof that she has the talent and skill to have longevity in the music industry.



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