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Benjamino crafts a pitch-perfect piece of pop in “Paradise Is Here”

A classic cool defines Benjamino’s chilled jazz-rock fusion on “Paradise Is Here.” The commanding stride of the rhythm anchors the whole of the piece. Urbane elegance graces the entirety of the track from the carefully composed luxury of the keyboards to the composed poetry of the vocals. Quite beautiful, it aims for a timelessness to it, for the sound is one that has a living, breathing aspect. Such a wide array of colours filter into the mix giving it a sense of triumph. Indeed, the entirety of the track goes for a party atmosphere, as it emphasizes what was overcome.

Fanfare opens the track up with the right level of energy. The groove is set immediately as it runs on through the entirety of the piece. With a powerful low-end the song goes for a visceral power behind it. Only upon the inclusion of the vocals do things truly get started. A fantastic burst his voice has a celebratory spirit to it making sure that he makes every word count. A mixture of pop and jazz, there is a certain degree of freedom with how he chooses to deliver every single verse. Immaculate and smooth, his vocals are a pure breeze while he touches upon a lovely delight in pleasure, arriving at such a grand destination.

“Paradise Is Here” shows off the impeccable chops of Benjamino in crafting a pitch-perfect piece of pop.


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