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Benton Luke features a chaotic bluesy spirit with “Walkaway”.

Benton Luke – Walkaway

Benton Luke features a chaotic bluesy spirit with “Walkaway”. Volume is a given for they play it loud, oh so deliriously loud. The physicality of the sound stuns. Lyrics here have a starkness to them. Every word here has a great power to it. By far the highlight comes from his intense, urgent delivery. Interplay on the track further adds to the sense of purpose that they fully engage each other. Rustic, raw, and done with true grit, there is a wildness to the storytelling. He holds absolutely nothing back for there is a grandeur about it all.

Guitar and that ramshackle rhythm set the tone. From there they set the groove for what follows. The classic rock cadence is fantastic, and the debt owed to the blues is a pure joy. Upon his vocals entering into the fray things start up in earnest. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s acid-fried southern rock spirit definitely inform a little bit of the work, for there is a timeless take that he embarks upon. Over the course of the track there is a steadiness one that feels outright joyous to behold. Layer upon layer enters into the fray for theirs is a solid, deep sound an approach that touches the very essence and soul. Quite intensely the animalistic fervor of the work further makes it a bit unexpected, for he throws out lines with gleeful abandon. Right at the very end they abruptly cut it off again in a way that slyly point to their sense of humor.

“Walkaway” shows off Benton Luke’s uncanny ability to craft a world that feels truly lived in.



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