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Between Acts embraces a mid-aughts power pop with the passionate “Sometimes”.

Between Acts – Sometimes

Between Acts embraces a mid-aughts power pop with the passionate “Sometimes”. Sung with so much fire, the lyrics cascade in a blissful bloom. The intermingling of the electric with the acoustic further lends it a particular depth, one that is spellbinding to see. Everything about it radiates a specific, hopeful energy. His voice rests front and center of it all from which all else flows. Done with the greatest level of dignity, there is an invitation, a meditation, that adds to the tremendous powerful spirit. Volume is a must for theirs is an intrepid approach.

Right from the beginning they start off strong, as the song bursts onto the scene with some gorgeous guitar licks. This only grows larger from there for they make sure that it all comes together in a way that further adds to the majesty of the piece. All of it goes for a tactile sensibility one that feels living, breathing with anticipation. Best of all the rest of the band is in top form, for they play off the vocalist’s energy, helping to create this swirling, colossal sound. Many layers emerge from this piece, and the evolution of the rhythm becomes increasingly driving-centric. For the final stretch this tension, the one they had been building up for a while, gets fully unleashed in a way that becomes truly divine.

“Sometimes” shows off the impeccable chops and outright grit of Between Acts in creating a sound that feels so alive.



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