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Bigman & The Birdseeds Drop New Anti-Capitalist Anthem ‘I Don’t Wanna Work… NEVER!’

The emphatic Bristol indie-rock trio Bigman & The Birdseeds have blessed us with some new music in the shape of an anti-establishment, anti-working anthem called ‘I Don’t Wanna Work… NEVER!’. Subtle, right? Not at all. These guys aren’t about subtlety. They’re angry, and for good reason.

Bigman himself grinds out lyrics of resentment and hatred towards the system in a Mark E. Smith style of snarling, whilst thrashing out violent guitar chords like a boxer finishing off their opponent. Alongside this, the bass provides a steady, safe place to come back to when the guitar, drums and vocals need a second of rest from the chaos.

Matteo’s percussive skills are on full show in this track, as he changes his style at different parts of the song to better portray the mood they’re going for. At one part, he brings a light, tapping sort of beat, which contrasts massively to his heavy marching-band drumbeat towards the end of the song when it picks up again, emerging out of the sludge for one last round of ‘I don’t wanna go to work!’ chants.

For three people, these guys make a lot of noise. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me there were two invisible members making some extra noise.

Listen to this anti-capitalist anthem here:



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